chicken chronicles

When I was younger, I remember the one snack that was always packed along with my lunch at school was chicken wings. It was one of those frozen spicy chicken wings readily available on supermarket freezers, which was bought solely because of its ease and universality – because again, which child doesn’t like chicken wings? They’re salty and savoury, crisp and juicy, and most importantly easy to eat with the hands. 

However, my understanding of fried chicken doesn’t stop there. As chicken has always been the protein of choice for many Indonesians, we also have our own way to cook fried chicken – with a combination of dishes that fall under the category of ayam goreng Nusantara. From ayam goreng lengkuas, ayam pop, to ayam goreng kremes, all of them fits the part of being fried chicken…


Asam Garam: Reseed

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