Asam Garam
08 Dec 2021

Tour de Plaga : Cocktail Kit by Lazy Susan for Plaga Wine

Our latest cocktail kit in collaboration with Plaga Wine inspired by the environment of the winery using Plaga Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon

Ghina Hana Sabrina
Valensia Edgina
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As the year is ending soon – we all deserve a little break and to treat ourselves with something new. Just like how we’d like to end a long day, fixing a nice cocktail to sip on while being hopeful for the better days ahead is how we’d expect you to approach tomorrow.

In collaboration with Plaga Wine, we present our latest cocktail kit, a concoction of ingredients including Plaga Wine’s very own Cabarnet Sauvignon. Using dried marigold flowers as the garnish, Tour de Plaga presents one of the most important flowers in Balinese culture for its health benefits and delicate flavour profile.

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