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17 Dec 2021

The Lazy Susan Show, Ep. 7 : Selebrasi

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Andrea Hasan
Valensia Edgina
Alyandra Katya
The Lazy Susan Show
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We’re sad to announce that this is the last episode of

The Lazy Susan Show


We’ve had so many downs this year, but achieved a lot too. We launched our website, re-evaluate ourselves and Lazy Susan itself, and prepared a ton for upcoming exciting stuff just for our beloved #FriendOfSuzy.

Due to recent circumstances, we are restricted to celebrate the usual holidays. However, that pushes us to make new traditions and so we are faced with the need to celebrate the little things in life.

We also talked about what new traditions we would make if we have all the resources:

Suzy D : A Sunday brunch get together surrounded by Javanese food (nasi liwet, fudge, etc) while being serenaded by the sound of gamelan all day complete with fermented local drinks.

Suzy K : A some kind of thanks giving where people get together to appreciate each other. A dinner potluck party with people bringing carbs, proteins, sides, snacks, you name it and just eating together, celebrating each other.

Suzy G : A celebration with all kinds of gorengan alongside all the ice dessert stalls : es teler, es dung dung, es podeng.

Suzy V : Big breakfast celebration with live bands, oh how we miss it!, and just having fun together.

Suzy A : Octoberfest with local roasts and drinks all day, singing dan dancing to Indonesian song!

How about you guys?

Happy holidays #FriendsOfSuzy! See you around, and enjoy our Christmas playlist

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