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28 Jan 2022

The Lazy Susan Show, Ep. 8 : #SuzyBerkokok

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How exciting it is to be back in 

The Lazy Susan Show!

And welcome to all #FriendsOfSuzy to our special episode, #SuzyBerkokok.

As you might’ve noticed, we’re preparing for the second issue of our online magazine, this time being The Chicken Chronicles.

Why? Not only as an important source
of protein, poultry—or specifically, chicken—industry is
a key sector for the national economy, supplying more
than the half of animal protein demand in the country.
Aside from the economical factor, a lot of regional
cuisines in Indonesia uses chicken as its main protein—
or other elements of it. Chicken Chronicles is about
celebrating the simple and one of the most pleasurable
ingredients, chicken. Hence, it will dive into its farming
practices, how it’s processed, its role in our culture and
traditions, to favourite ways to consume them.

Did you know?

  1. At the end of 2020, there was a campaign Gerakan Makan Ayam / GEMAYA due to the overflow of the chicken supply in Indonesia, hence the fall of the price of chickens. The amount of chicken was 3 million tons while Indonesians only consume 2,2 tons as per end of 2020. 
  2. The UN estimated there are 19 million chickens on earth today, making them surpass the amount of humans, 2:1 in ratio.
  3.  Doctors don’t recommend blood type B to consume chicken, even though blood type B has strong immune system. According to Peter D’Adamo, an expert neuropathic doctor, although chicken has a low fat content, in fact it has a lot of lecture which if they enter the body it can interfere with blood circulation, therefore the immune system will decrease.
  4. You can find and try chicken sashimi in Japan! is it safe to eat? Since salmonella lives in a chicken’s intestinal tract it all depends on how you butcher it and how you raise it, or source the chicken. Please don’t try this at home!!

What’s going on in the Lazy Susan world?


We got Indonesian flavour inspired chicken wings perfect for afternoon snacks and well of source lunch and dinner too.


For #FriendsOfSuzy in Bali, we got something for you too. Grab our latest Lazy Kismin collaboration perch, or go to Kismin Cartel to get the special drinks! Try out Butantam and/or Es Lerte, and tell us what you think!

Catch the rerun of our show on HEADSTREAM.DIGITAL

See you on the next show! 

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