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13 Jul 2022

Tumpeng : Condiments

Andrea Hasan
Alyandra Katya
Tumpeng Condiments
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There were times when tumpeng was served with white rice instead of yellow. The color of the rice and the condiments have different symbolic meanings

White rice
A cone shaped white rice represents praying hands. White rice also means that everything we eat will become flesh and blood, therefore we should choose clean and halal sources. The shape can be seen as hope for our well-being rising higher.

Whole cockerel is cooked in opor seasoning, coconut, and bay leaves. This method is called ingkungan. Bumbu kuning is added with thick coconut milk. This way of cooking the chicken is a symbol of solemnly (manekung) worshipping God with a serene heart (wening). Cockerel is a symbol of bad traits (arrogant, egoistical, cocky, unloyal, etc), that is why slaughtering the cockerel is believed to avoid those bad traits.


Catfish yang survive in water that does not flow and is found on the bottom of the river. Catfish symbolizes hardiness, tenacity in life, as well as being capable of living even in the lowest economic situation.

Milkfish (bandeng)
Milkfish is quite known for such an unlimited number of soft bones. Almost every bite has fish bones in it. Through this dish people hope to gain a lot of fortune and gain fortune as well just as the amount of fish bones.

Anchovy (gereh pethek)
Anchovy lives in groups, this reminds us that humans cannot live alone. Thus, anchovy symbolizes harmony and cooperation which must be fostered among human beings.

The egg is served whole with the shell still intact. That matter (egg shells, egg white, and egg yolk) means that we must plan our every action, doing it according to plan and reevaluating the results to achieve perfection.


Water spinach
Since water spinach can live in both land and water, humans are expected to live very adaptable like water spinach. Kangkung (water spinach) also means ‘jinangkung’ or protecting.

This vegetable is a symbol of a safe and peaceful life, not a lot of conflict as the simplicity of the shape of the spinach leaf.

Bean sprout
This small veggie contains a meaning of high creativity, and hope that we can always grow and develop.

Snake bean
Although snake bean is usually for decoration purpose, it must be served whole, uncut, this is so that we would think long before we act. Other than that snake bean also symbolizes long life.

Shallot (brambang)
So we examine the good and bad of every single thing thoroughly.

Red chilli
It is usually on the tip of tumpeng to symbolize fire that brings light to our life. 

t means linuwih or has advantages compared to others

Urap seasoning means urip/hidup or capable of supporting and providing for the family.

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