04 Aug 2022

Pecel Bu Tarmi

Ambarawa, Central Java

Amar Amrullah
Amar Amrullah
Central Java
Lazy Pantry
Pecel Bu Tarmi
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Location : Pecel Bu Tarmi

Pecel Bu Tarmi is probably one of the best pecel I’ve ever had. When I don’t know where to go for having breakfast, or too bored for soto and chicken porridge, I always go there. What makes it special is the peanut sauce. It’s really thick and tasty! There are also various toppings such as iso, empal, etc. But, my favorite is BABAT. We can also add gorengan on it, best! I think everyone should have a try at least once, especially the one with babat on it. Just by spending around Rp.10.000 – Rp.15.000 we can enjoy one of the most delicious pecel on earth, or at least, in my lovely town.

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