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18 Nov 2022

Dr. Debryna Dewi for Ekspedisi

We chatted with Dr. Debryna Dewi about her balanced living of work and traveling, and how baking as a help in her practice.

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Dr. Debryna Dewi
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For Dr. Debryna, who has a tight practice schedule, baking isn’t a way of escaping, rather, it’s a form of help to master her skills in her practice. Her travel schedule wouldn’t be a bore either. From her trips, Dr. Deb studies flavours and incorporates them and and we quote, “by adding a pinch of culture or history”. 

We talked to her about her balanced life which represents Ekspedisi, the image Herbana’s Daun Katuk SariRelief Powder, and about how she incorporates it in her daily life,


Lazy Susan : From being a doctor to experimenting on baked goods, can you tell us a bit about your career and hobby journey?

Dr. Debryna Dewi : Both have been parts of my life since I was a kid. My Nanny taught me how to cook and she’d give a rather scientific explanation to what we cooked (eg. Why cane sugar won’t work for klepon. Anybody? :-D). I grew up thinking that science is fun, and the science of cooking is so damn cool.

I think life is too short to not work for something that you like, and to not make your hobbies work for you. If you ask me, I can’t really say which one is which; doctor is the career or is it the hobby? Again, I define both as just parts of my life.  

LS : What does it look like throughout the week doing your self care routine?

DD : Since my schedule is very irregular, I try to do a little self care everyday. I wake up early and just chill until a few cups of coffee, then I start the day. Before bed, my me-time would be my skincare routine hahaha! I like starting and ending my day peacefully, meditatively.

I travel quite a lot and even when it’s for work, I’d usually find traveling makes me happy too.

LS : List top 5 essential food/supplements to consume during your work trips!

DD : Coffee, ginger, coconut oil, fish oil, sometimes vitamin C.

LS : Would you consider baking as your escape from your active life as a doctor?

DD : Not at all. Cooking/baking (fun fact: I do love cooking, but not baking) is never an escape. It actually helps me in my practice.

I travel a lot for work. At many times, I’d be working in new places with a totally different culture. Wherever it is, food will be the one that unites us instantly. Even when there’s a language barrier, cultural exchange coming from our enthusiasm for foods will surely happen and this always begins an essential doctor-patient relationship.

LS : Do you think there is a connection between baking and your practice as a doctor? If it’s a yes, what would it be?

DD : As you probably can tell, it feels natural for me to work in a science field like medicine. What I didn’t expect was that being a doctor has allowed me to learn so much about life and make meaningful connections with many people.

I’ve mentioned cultural exchange. There’s just that much we can do to make our cooking/baking tasty. But it is by adding a pinch of culture or history, that our cooking will get another dimension of flavorfulness. This is how being a doctor also helps me with my cooking. My what-people-say funky creations are all inspired by these travels I made as a doctor. And I don’t know how many recipes I’m currently using. I learned it from my patients.

LS : How would you conveniently use Herbana’s ReliefSari powders in your baking goods?

DD : I love incorporating local flavors to my creations. Especially with bread, putting in good medicinal leaves and herbs to the dough can be time consuming and tricky to manage with the flavors. Herbana’s ReliefSari powders allow me to be efficient. I know the quality is great and because it’s powder we can slowly control how much to add. It is easy to carry anywhere too. So I can make my Moringa Tinutuan Sourdough later when I’m back in Manado!

After the interview, Dr. Deb kindly served us fresh slices of red bean Sourdough she made herself, with a side of whipped Herbana’s Daun Katuk SariRelief Powder butter. 

A good way to spend the afternoon with a cup of coffee on the side!

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