01 Dec 2022

Eternal Leaf For The Spotless Mind

An illustrator’s view on the eternity of leaves and greens as the heart of our culture.

Devan Rudinatha
Devan Rudinatha
Daun Leaf Me
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The way I see it, the leaf, or the greens, is that it was the most original form of living being. Wether you want to see it from the biblical point of view, or the theory of evolution point of view. One thing stands true. The greens are eternal. They are there since day one, and will still be there after we humans are long gone.In a sense of food, the greens also provide all five senses to the food. I strictly remember how my mother and her mother used to cook. She always loves to mix the green into any dish with a bunch of different ways of cooking. She would wrap the food with it, use it as an ingredient and cook it, the sound and the smell of steamed banana-leaf-wrapped food just hit me differently. The food presentation using another leaf as a plate also give a whole different look that hit the right balance for my senses.

Indonesia has a rich culture of how we eat, and what we eat, and even how to cook what we eat. In the midst of that richness, the greens and leaf stand strong in the center of it.

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