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12 Jan 2023

Denisa Dhaniswara for Interaksi

Get to know Denisa Dhaniswara and her balanced life of music and veganism.

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You might know her from her voice as being a talented solo singer songwriter and most recently been active with post-metal band Morgensoll, or simply as a very characteristic persona that you will definitely adore. 

We had the opportunity to chat and hang with Denisa just before she got on stage to talk about her well balanced life in music and taking care of her health in between shows and recording sessions. Her friendly and loveable approach is only the few of many reasons why we chose her as the representative of Interaksi. 

Get to know a bit more about Denisa through our chat with her!

Lazy Susan : Can you tell us a bit about your journey to veganism?

Denisa Dhaniswara : I’ve never been a big meat eater before getting into veganism. Growing up abroad with working parents, I lived on quick processed foods, street food, and fast food. Wasn’t until high school where I realized my eating habits needed a change, but I didn’t quite know where to start. One day, I came across a slaughterhouse documentary. I freaked out, and realized there were so many benefits I could apply to my lifestyle (health-wise, for the environment, and most importantly for the animals). 

LS : What would your go to power meal/bite be before you go on stage?

DD : A granola bar, preferably a protein packed one. I can never go on stage uncomfortably full because I can get nauseous haha.

LS : How do you add more nutrients to your diet? Would you consider Herbana’s Relief Sari Powder convenient? How would you use it day to day?

DD : I really do want to start adding more vitamins and superfoods into my daily life. Herbana’s ReliefSari Powder gives me that extra boost of energy that I need for my day to day activities.

LS : Between gigs and recording, what’s your activity to keep a balanced lifestyle? 

DD : I try my best to keep everything in moderation. From fried foods, processed carbs, alcoholic drinks, and smoking. Most importantly I try to pack in as much greens as I can in a day, and get enough fiber and protein to keep me full and satisfied.

LS : 5 dishes that keep you going?

DD :

  • Plant derived non-processed proteins such as tempe, tofu, beans, nuts
  • SAMBAL. Any traditionally vegan Indonesian sambal (without terasi of course). I need heat in every food I eat.

  • I really don’t want to be that vegan but I really do live on salads.

  • Red rice. Good for my poor digestion and slow metabolism. Red rice with all the lauk fixings.

  • Any boiled vegetable based Indonesian dish. Urap, gado-gado, pecel, karedok, you name it!!!!

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