Anang Saptoto


Anang Saptoto (1982) is an artist, designer, and activist living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He completed his education at the Visual Communication Design Department, Yogyakarta Vision Design Academy (2000-2005), and at the Television Department, Faculty of Record Media Arts, Yogyakarta Indonesian Art Institute (2002-2009). His collaborative practice focuses on the ecology and social change.He always puts art as a tool to create new questions that can be open to new possibilities for collaboration. In the process of his work, he sometimes approaches by holding a public workshop in an area. He often supports environmental and human rights movements. He often collaborates with children, schools, disabled communities, and social organizations in the community.For him, this is a way of observation and adaptation to what he wants to learn. Interacting directly, building solidarity, and collaborating are ways that he considers to be very important as an act of art. Starting in 2020, he became a collective director of MES 56 and was active in various other solidarity networks.

works from Anang Saptoto